Do you offer free shipping?
Yes I offer free shipping on all orders.

Do you offer double sided styling mats?
No, if I were to offer this the mats would not be rollable or would they stay completely flat since the material i use is thicker. 

What shipping company do you use?
I ship all orders through USPS Priority Mail.

Do you paint them yourself?
Yes! Each styling mat is cut, primed, painted and sealed all by me.

Do you ship outside of the US?
not as of now, I am looking into potentially shipping to Canada in the near future.

Do you offer refunds/returns?
No, I do not although if there is an issue with shipment or the mat itself, please contact me through email [email protected]

Are you offering custom orders?
If there is something in particular you are wanting please contact me. I am open to custom orders, but prefer to make mats that are ready to go for sale.